Marina Express - AVIATOR - Phu, Phuket

Marina Express - AVIATOR - Phu

Situated in a quiet street at the center village. Turning right towards Phuket International Airport or roll to the left to visit the soft sandy of Naiyang Beach offering plenty of space to lounge and swim within ten minute walk. Surrounded by excellent tourist amenities and convenience store within only a short stroll from local shops and markets.Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner are available in this property.This is a modern building.This accommodation has a small lobby.Hundred and eight stylish rooms inspired by those fabulous vintage fighters seen in the war films which might belong to Germany (Wulf), Great Britain (Bristol, Soviet Union (Mig), USA (Boeing), Japan (Zero) or even Thailand (Hawk) carried through the finest decoration details. All rooms are highly functional with a clean minimalist and modern look and a range of amenities for added comfort.(c) Donvand Limited 2016