Travel Agents Told To Stop Selling South African Airways Tickets

Flight Centre, a leading global travel agency has put South African Airways on stop sale, which marks an early warning sign of serious trouble. 

The travel agency stopped selling South African Airways tickets after "airline failure" insurance for tickets issued on the carrier was dropped. In other words, travel agents are on the hook should travel plans get messed up and without an insurance, agents have been instructed to stop selling tickets, with immediate effect. 

South African Airways has reported this as a temporary setback and they are in communication with the insurance company. Many airlines have reported bankruptcy and shutdown concerns, its the next level of alarm bells ringing. 

If you have planned to travel with South African Airways, it is worth monitoring your reservations and ensure that you have chargeback options with your credit card should anything go south. Never buy travel with a debit card as it does not offer any chargeback laws if the purchase is never delivered. 

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